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Mr Kevin Scott

"Neil has looked after my teeth for a number of years now.
I had heard reports of his very good work from a number of friends and colleagues and decided to see for myself if the reality was as good. Initial impressions on my first visit to the surgery were extremely favourable, a friendly reception followed by highly impressive, state of the art facilities.
Neils' professional standards are matched by the rest of his team, with high levels of customer care demonstrated throughout each visit.

I can wholeheartedly recommend Neil anybody who is searching for great looking teeth."

"Dear Neil Edney

Thank you for helping me to feel as comfortable as possible during my dental work. My treatment has been outstanding and your patience and commitment to me is very much appreciated.
I am finally able to smile with confidence!
Yours sincerely
A very happy

Mrs Gaeta"

Mrs Elaine Crawford

"I have been a patient of Neil's for a number of years, having had some very bad experiences with previous dentists (if you can call them that).
I have found Neil to be very kind, gentle, patient and understanding. He has managed to get my confidence back so that now a trip to the dentist doesn't leave me a quivering wreck.
I have even recommended my husband and friends to his practice and I have instructed Neil never retire in my life time."

Mr Bruce Anderson

"We initially chose Butterflies as a dentist for our children.
I had not visited the dentist for many years. My experiences had not been good. As a child I ate too many sweets, dentist were none too friendly and I always seemed to need fillings. It wasn't just the drill, but the vacuum pump and x - rays added to the unpleasant experience.
How things have changed in a modern surgery with caring professionals. No choking on water, painless drilling, x- rays from dentist chair and all while you watch your favourite DvD.
My children do not bat an eyelid when I tell them they have dental appointment.
Long may it continue, thanks to Butterflies."

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